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What’s up?!

What’s up?!
Life is too short. That’s what’s up!! Triggered by that simple, yet powerful thought, I’ve decided to start a blog.

What do you plan to leave as proof of your existence? Even if you don’t want to or don’t plan to, your words, spoken or written,influence those around you. The same way, I am writing these words right now, influenced by many people read or listened to.

What do people look for when they write a blog? What is their plan? Are they looking for acceptance? What is their agenda? Honestly, I am not sure. It may vary from head to head.

In my case, this is like planting a seed and ignoring what is going to be reaped. It is probably that organic quality of blogs that makes it so attractive. Call it a therapy if you want, or a backup in case you suffer from amnesia. The subjects I plan to write about are as diverse as the thoughts that blossom on a daily basis.

At this point in my life for instance, I am very interested in the brain and life hacks; how new discoveries in neuroscience are giving us tools to become “Super-learners” and thus take advantage of the limited life time we have. So far, I am thrilled to discover that we are able to perform amazing feats of memory.

Memorizing several decks of shuffled cards in less than a minute, learning the first and last names of a crowd in minutes, thousands of random digits in a short time and many, many more.

I’m also interested in speed reading techniques that would allow me to read all those procrastinated books. If you are interested in these subjects, visit my blog from time to time or simply join my Email List .  I’m writing a report with the best material I have found so far and I would love to share it with you.  Have a great online session!!